About Us

Guay & Kennard notaries is composed of two notaries, Josiane Guay and Jaime Kennard. Together they built their practice around their desire to give their clients an unparalleled service. It is essential for them to offer a personalized approach to each and every client and to provide them with a humane and professional service.

Guay & Kennard notaries strives to be attentive to the needs of their clients. Their goal is to ensure their clients have the necessary documents to protect themselves and to accompany them throughout various situation, especially throughout the important moments in life whether it’s buying a property, a house, a cottage, a revenue property or selling a house. They will also give advice to ensure the protection of loved ones with the help of deeds such as a will, a protection mandate or cohabitation agreements between spouses. In addition, they can accompany you in settling an estate, either by guiding you throughout certain steps or to completely settle the estate for you, as complex or simple as the case may be.

They will be your best allies to effectively plan for the future and protect you and your family.